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Welcome to The Heli Fun Fly Website!

I have been flying airplanes since 1998 at the age of 3. Living in South Florida we had many issues with flying fields and had limited time to fly. After moving to north Georgia in 2006 and finding the CCRC flying club I finally got to take my abilities to new heights. the following year I started instructing as a team with my Dad and soon after on my own. In November of last year, after a lot of begging and hounding my dad I finally got my first helicopter. It was a Raptor 50 Titan with an OS 50SX-Hyper engine and using my trusty JR 7202 radio I was off and hovering. By my 9th tank of fuel I was flying forward and doing stall turns. By the beginning of February I was flying circuits and doing 540 stall turns, loops and even rolls, this was fun and I just had to learn more. With the help of the club expert, Matt Botos, and a lot of prodding and help from the rest of the heli pilots I progressed fast. By the time the Birmingham Fun Fly rolled around in March I was ready for the next step but I was out flying my raptor. So do I try to modify the Rappy or go for a new bird. With Matt as my mentor and after seeing his new N5 prototype I had my mind set. I saved and scraped and got some help from my mom and dad and got one of the first production N5s off the line. It was beautiful, powerful (with the 55HZ) and controlled by a AR7100R it flies like a dream. Now I can fly backwards inverted without the tail blowing out and no woof and poof. I love this Helicopter.

I also Love Baseball, and play on a rec team. I play almost any position but especially like catcher and 1st base. I enjoy music, target shooting, archery and playing video games. Oh, and I love to cook! I am a freshman in High School and my favorite classes are Drama and French.

You can reach me via e-mail by clicking here.

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